Sunday, September 20, 2015

If we were to take a walk from our apartment, this is what we'd see.....

When we were getting out and exercising a bit more regularly than we're doing now (Anne is doing great on the mini tramp she got for her birthday--thanks to all who made that possible!) these are the sights we'd see as we left our apartment and walked up a nearby hill.

Here's the view out the front of our apartment, directly across the street.
Home, sweet home!  Our apartment is the closest one to the camera on the lower level.  The course of our walk goes right up the road, up the hill, and then back.

Here's a better view of the slight hill we climb to begin.  The road in front is paved--but not for very far.

After the end of the pavement, the road gets pretty steep.
There are some serious ruts along the way.  We only drove this once.  The people at the top were very surprised to see us!

You can see the beautiful grounds and the wrought-iron fence around the "Palais de Congres".  It sits atop the hill just behind our apartment.  (Kind of a foggy day--sorry!)

Here's a bit clearer shot, with some of the wild flowers and foliage.

Lots and lots of shrubbery and trees!  It's green everywhere!

Some banana trees along the way.

Palm trees are found all around--but they're not the main tree we see.

From near the top, here's a view of our apartment building.  We're on the first floor of apartments, the second level of the building.

When people ask, "What animals do you see?" we have to chuckle.  We frequently see chickens, dogs, goats, cattle, even a horse or two,  occasionally cats and rats, thousands of bats in the late twilight....Nothing like we expected in Africa!  (I asked some members recently why we don't see more cats.  Their response:  "People here eat them."  Now I understand!

Another view looking down.  There are lots of buildings being constructed--one hand-made cinder block at a time!