Friday, February 26, 2016

New Elders Apartment

Wow, I knew it had been a while since we had posted anything, but five months?  Here are a few photos of a new apartment we just leased for our elders.  There are currently two companionships there--those serving in the Eleveur Branch, and those in the Manguier Branch.  We believe another companionship will be assigned to Yaoundé in the future, so at that point those serving in the Mimboman Branch would also live there, and the new companionship would live in the Ekounou apartment.

Here's the "salon".  It's good-sized.  Sliding doors to a balcony that goes the length of  most of the apartment.  It's on the third floor--not too fun for old knees!

Nice big kitchen (for Cameroon.)  I believe there will be a large white "Y" on the walls before long.  : )
Here's the half bath.
Here is one of the bedrooms.  Beds should be finished this week.
The master bath.  Must have had a sale on blue tile when it was constructed.
Here's the shower in the main bath that contained the plumbing and wiring for the washer--not sure about electrical code in Cameroon, but I can't imagine that passing.  It took two weeks to get them to move the drain pipe and outlet.  Now the washer is safely outside the shower area.
This is a long, narrow apartment.  Here's the hallway, leading from the "salon".  All bedrooms are accessed to the left, as well as the main bathroom.  The door at the end of the hall is the half-bath.

Here's the master bedroom.  It's good-sized.  Glad the elders could come to a peaceful agreement who got it--drawing lots.