Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cheer! A fireplace here????

One of Anne's latest (and greatest!) creations came as we started getting ready for Christmas.  How do you bring a piece of U.S. Christmas to a tropical African country?  You get a fireplace, of course!

Anne's creative juices flowed as she pulled together all available resources-- Books of Mormon boxes, brochure boxes, contact paper (she'd had her eyes open for the contact paper for some time: a brick pattern and marble pattern), a nativity set, tinsel, LED lights, bamboo place mats, cardboard, markers, tinsel, plasti-tac, existing decorations.

After a couple of modifications, here's what she made.
First, lay the foundation and get the big picture.


Cover boxes with contact paper.

Add a black backdrop to make the fire glow!
Never happier than when she's creating!

Place vertical walls to support mantle.

Recycle another piano box for the mantle.

Marble mantle, stockings hung with care, and lots of careful patching of brickwork.

A bit of tinsel to highlight our African nativity set.


Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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