Saturday, July 5, 2014


Before entering the MTC, there is a lot to do as a senior missionary couple.  We started paper work back in September of 2013.  After getting our dental work done, and several trips to different doctors, we had inspiring interviews with Bishop Carter and President Newman.  It was exciting to get our call on December 20th.
We were a bit surprised, but also thrilled, to be able to serve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasha mission.  Several months later, we learned that our mission was going to be divided, and that we would be serving in the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville mission. 

Beginning in January of 2014, we started studying with our learning coach, Bryan, our language coach, Marcel, and several fabulous volunteers.  Trying to learn (or re-learn) French at our stage of life has been a challenge, but we made some progress over the course of the six months.

Just a couple of weeks before we entered the MTC, we were able to meet our mission president, President Monga, and his wife when they were in Utah to attend the mission presidents' seminar at the MTC.

On June 29, we spoke in sacrament meeting.  Sister Dimond spoke about going wherever the Lord called us.  She used an analogy of our lives being a car, and the Lord guiding us, as long as we had faith and were moving forward.  Elder Dimond spoke about senior missionary service.  We were grateful to see so many wonderful friends and family members that day.  We'll definitely miss you all!

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