Saturday, July 5, 2014

The MTC (Finally!)

We entered the MTC on June 30, 2014.  We were a bit apprehensive, but mainly excited to finally be able to start our mission!

There were kind people everywhere, helping us park, check in, get to the chapel where the Senior MTC activities take place.

Elder Fred Thomas, Elder Dimond's former temple shift supervisor, coordinates senior MTC training.  He was shocked to see us in the line of new couples.  It didn't take him long to call on us to give the opening and closing prayers for our first meeting, as well as to call Elder Dimond to be a district leader.  (We're in the top picture, fourth couple from the right.)

Our district was comprised of us (far right), (left to right) Sister Pace, the Etheringtons, the Andruses, and the Smiths.  
We were all going in different directions for our missions:  The Smiths to Vanuatu, a chain of 83 islands north of New Zealand to do audits, and perform humanitarian efforts.  The Andruses were heading out on their third mission, all of which have been in Russia!  It was nice to have someone in our group who had some experience.  The other couple, the Etheringtons, just finished serving for 14 years in inner-city Salt Lake, working with the wards there.  What a remarkable couple!  They will be member and leader support in their home stake now.  We shared goodies, laughs, and some tears as the Spirit was strong, even in role-play situations.

Our teachers were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.  Sister Pace, Brother Herman, and Brother Rowe all helped us tremendously.

Even though we might not be teaching all that much, it was a great spiritual experience, and really helped us see just what the elders will be doing.  Can't wait to work with them and the wonderful Saints in Cameroon!

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