Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our favorite place to walk....not run--the exercise park!

In less than ten minutes from our apartment, we can be at a park the government has constructed and maintains for exercise for its citizens.  There is a 2 kilometer paved walking path, with twenty or so stations along the course where you're encouraged to do sit-ups, pull-ups, stairs, jumping, stretching, etc.  We're feeling very accomplished when we take a nice leisurely walk around the beautiful path.  It's all fenced, with a guard at the gate and occasionally one in a look-out tower.  It's quiet, peaceful, and as you'll see, full of beautiful creations.  Wish you were here--we'd definitely take you here!
Banana and mango trees are all along the route.

Anyone seeing this think of Tarzan?

Almost all of the water you see here is brown.  It's still pretty, just different than a crystal clear mountain lake.

Anne and the Colemans--the other senior couple in Cameroon (They're in Douala, a four hour bus ride away.)

These ferns are incredible--you touch them and they fold up like a Venus fly-trap.

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