Sunday, January 4, 2015

Things You Probably Won't See in Utah

Here are some things you'll probably never see in Utah....or in the US for that matter.
Here's the stove in one elder's apartment.  Notice the propane tank next to it.
The floor drain for the whole bathroom is the same as that for the shower in this elder's apartment.

Anyone have mosquito nets on their bunkbeds?

Who else has a fireplace made of LDS French brochure boxes?

There are probably some nativity sets carved African style, but not too many, we suppose.

A trail of army ants.

Here is a close-up of the ants.  Thousands of them!

We have to wash and rinse all our vegetables and fruits in a bleach bath before using them.

This house is right along a main highway.  Tin roof, dirt floor.  This is typical, even in many places in the city.

Not too many churches have their own outdoor font!

Here's the sign for the church, high above the wall that has iron spikes all along the top (with curved arches to keep out the bad guys.)

Here's the road about 400 yards above our apartment--it's no longer paved and gets really slippery when it rains.

Notice the ruts!

Now tell us, when was the last time you saw a dump truck crashed through your neighbor's wall?

Here's African art at its finest.  This is at the dedicatory site.  You can see the size of the rock when compared to the van parked a little ways behind it.

Wish you could see Sister Dimond keeping up with this clapping game the kids here like to play!  (This is in one of the primaries.)

Turkeys so skinny you have to implant chicken breast to have any meat at all!

Bet your Relief Society sisters don't dress like this for church every Sunday.

Vendors carry all kinds of wares on their heads.  Here are spoons and other utensils for sale.

Millipedes get a bit bigger here!

How about this good-looking fish for your entré?

Not too many places can care for primates who have been abandoned by their parents or injured in the wild.

You can fit a whole family between sections of the trunks of some of these trees!

Trees in the forest with some interesting fruits.

When did you see a herd of goats along a street in a city of 2.5 million people?

Tie-dying might not be a lost art in the states, but here they make some really pretty material.

No, these are not inmates.  All you high school kids, how about that for your uniform you wear to school every day?

Now this is an appetizer for you--heads and all!!!

Hope these differences help you see some of the things we experience every day.  Cameroon is great!  Home is wonderful!!!


  1. So very interesting! We pray for you and all the missionaries in your care. Ray and Sandy O

  2. So very interesting! We pray for you and all the missionaries in your care. Ray and Sandy O