Monday, January 26, 2015

Are the cages supposed to keep them in or us out? A trip to the zoo!

It's been some time since we went anywhere with our elders for a zone activity, so we decided to see what the national zoo in Yaoundé is like.  We went last Monday and thought it would be interesting enough for a part of a P-Day.

The weather was beautiful for the excursion.It's not really fancy, and the animals that are there are mainly animals that have been rescued from poachers here in Cameroon.  But, it was enjoyable for all of us to be together.  The elders can take pleasure in the simplest of things--they're terrific!!!  One cute young couple came with us as well.  It was a fun morning!

Our guide as we gather before the tour (reading a brochure the elders had given him.)

Signs here are sometimes given in both English and French.

E. Kabenga with E. Bacera

E. Tucker and E. Nzema

There's a big crocodile lying in the water--out of sight for the time being.

E. Tucker, E. Brockbank, E. Waite

These are the snake cages--the week before this one struck at Sis. Dimond when she reached down to pick up her glasses.  It had a HUGE mouth!

The guide is very careful as he gives a peanut to one of the primates.  They're strong!

Notice which side of the cage he's on.  : )

E. Bacera taking advantage of  a photo op.

Never smile at a crocodile--especially one who's lazily sunning near his pond!



Those bars are welded on the outside of the horizontal strips, aren't they?

The king of the jungle was less than three feet away.  They're huge!!!

Not much there for a Gazelle to eat!

Lots of primates!

He's a very colorful figure!  That's quite the stripe on his nose!

Here's a nice bunch of parrots.

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