Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 2015 Transfers

It's been ages since we've posted has been very full here!  This past transfer, two elders transferred to the Congo.  Elder Wright went to Brazzaville for his last six weeks before he returns home.  Elder Waite was transferred to Pointe Noire.  Elder Tucker left us for Douala, which is still here in Cameroon, so we hope we'll run into him from time to time.  We miss them already!  We received three new elders--Elder Bybee from Enoch, Utah, and Elder Museku and Elder Bulendolo, both from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When we distribute transfer letters, we have each companionship stand near a sign with their current "secteur".  Then, we have them move to a different sign if they think they'll be transferred.  (One that says, "Ailleurs"--elsewhere.)  We have either dinner or breakfast with them, depending on the events of the day.  Here's what happened this time:

E. Tucker, as always, helping out in the kitchen.

E. Waite, E. Wright and E. Bacera

Clockwise from bottom:  E. Rakotondrabeharison, E. Bakajika, E. Rakotonindriana, E. Mpongo, E. Kabenga, E. Tshibanda

With the addition of a 6' folding table (thanks, Jeff Gibb!!!), dinners with the elders usually happen on two tables now.

The beginning of the transfer letter distribution:  Elders go to their "Secteurs".  E. Wright and E. Rakotonindriana

E. Kabenga and E. Mpongo

E. Rakotondrabeharison and E. Tucker

E. Tshibanda and E. Bakajika

E. Waite and E. Bacera

All three elders figured out they were moving--E. Tucker and E. Wright had been in Yaoundé even before we arrived!  E. Wright was in the same secteur for 9 months!!!

Elders studying the "Transfer Board"--a file sent out by the mission home each transfer with the locations and calls of each of the missionaries.

Notice the large bags to the left of the elders--those are our 300 hazmat suits for energency medical workers who might be facing ebola, cholera, or a host of other possible diseases in a tropical country with numerous refugee camps near the north and eastern borders.  (Thankfully, many miles from Yaoundé!!) 
We all enjoyed delicious rootbeer home-made ice cream!

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