Monday, May 11, 2015

Missionary Apartments

We were very surprised at how nice our apartment was when we first came to Yaoundé.  The missionaries' apartments are also very nice--although not quite as nice as the senior couple's.  One mother of a prospective missionary wasn't sure she wanted him to go on a mission, because the living conditions he'd experience as a missionary would be so much better than he'd had growing up.  That's very true in many instances.  Here are photos of our two apartments for the elders; one is in Bastos and the other is in Ekounou.

Soeur Monga starting the Ekounou apartment inspection with E. Brockbank

Ekounou kitchen

S. Monga and E. Beutler in the Bastos living room

Bastos dining room

Bastos kitchen

Bastos dining room looking into the living room

Don't you love their ingenuity?  Water bottles as supports for their shoe racks!  (You definitely need to store water here--it's off frequently!)

Notice the shower has no separation from the rest of the floor--the drain is on the same level.

Bastos bedroom

Bastos spare bedroom

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