Monday, May 11, 2015

Public Transportation Insanity

We've seen all kinds of things in taxis and on motos (motorcycles).  Most taxis have 5 "places"--the driver plus 4 passengers.  They fit more in than that on many occasions.  They'll also put huge bundles of whatever people are taking to sell that day, 50 pound bags of onions, etc. hanging out the back end of the cab.  One day we heard a squeal come zipping past us--a pig was tied to the seat of a moto on its way to market or home, we weren't sure which.  It wasn't a happy hog!!!

Of all the things we've seen, this was by far the most amusing.  A man is sitting atop his newly purchased love seat on the back of the moto, cruising down the highway.  Amazing!!!

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