Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Dinner 2015

We had a great time with our elders calling home or Skyping for Mother's Day.  Not everyone celebrates when we do in the U.S., so we'll have half of our elders calling/Skyping on May 31, Mother's Day in Madagascar.  We're so blessed to have such wonderful young men serving with us here in Yaoundé.  Every transfer we hold our breath, thinking maybe one of the new elders will be a challenge.  So far, we've been very fortunate!  They're fun, hard-working, happy young men, with great senses of humor.  Right now, eight of our ten elders are either from Democratic Republic of Congo or Madagascar.  They're all great!!!

The elders enjoyed home-made chicken noodle soup, French bread baguettes, fresh bananas and pineapple, with a chocolate sheet cake for dessert.

Clockwise from bottom left:  E. Tshibanda, E. Bakajika, E. Bulendolo, E. Mpongo, E. Kabenga

E. Bulendolo, E. Mpongo, E. Kabenga

E. Tshibanda and E. Bakajika

E. Bybee, E. Bacera, E. Rakotonindriana

(Near Table)  E. Bybee, E. Bacera, E. Rakotonindriana, Sis. Dimond

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