Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ebola, Epidemic Suits Delivered--Finally!

This week we were finally able to deliver the protective clothing the church humanitarian department had donated to the Cameroon Health Department.  We met with the Minister of Health, several of his assistants, some secretaries and other staff members on Friday.  Our district president, several branch presidents and counselors, along with probably another dozen or so members, were also in attendance.

The district president spoke briefly and told a bit about the church and its humanitarian efforts.  The minister of health spoke and expressed his appreciation for the suits.  He also explained that although ebola seems to be under control right now, as long as there are any cases at all, it's still a threat to the health of Cameroonians.

There was a reporter there from one of the newspapers, and a woman from the TV station in Cameroon.  (The camera crew was out of town on assignment, so she came just to see what was going on and try to get a feel for the church.)

Anne had made two delicious types of cookies--chocolate crinkle and snickerdoodles.  We also bought 5 dozen ginger snaps from the young man who is making them and selling them as a business.  Has he ever changed the recipe!  Not much like a ginger snap--pretty bland and not sweet at all.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Each of these bags contains 50 Ebola suits to protect workers who might otherwise be exposed.  Anne made the placards for the front of the sacks and added drawstrings to make them more presentable (much better than the falling-apart  boxes they were delivered in).

Cookies, and pannacotta for the refreshments.

Some of our members waiting outside the conference room of the Minister of Health.

The "church members" half of the room.

Pres. Bala presenting a sample of the suits to the minister of health.

The whole delegation outside.

Several members who helped serve.  Oliver baked some of the cookies he is selling as a business.

Sister Dimond in front of the airconditioner, her favorite place!

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