Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wilson Whoopee Cameroon Style!!!

Every year, the Wilson side of the family gets together for a reunion.  It's been called the "Whoopee" for many years--named after Margene's cries of "Whoopee!!" as we went down the Green River at one of the first reunions.  They're always a lot of fun--lots of great food, visiting, activities, memories.

Since the Whoopee was held this weekend, in order to help relieve some of the pain of not being able to attend, this is what I found in the apartment when I came in from teaching piano on Friday night........

Thanks, Anne!!!!  What a fun, thoughtful surprise!!!

Our Welcome sign

Anne is so creative--I'd have never come up with something like this!
What's a Whoopee without junk food?

Cameroon Crocodiles--not quite gummy worms, but pretty close!

Here are the "boulders" outside the tent.  (Notice how they're pretty close to the size of our Hazmat suit bags?  : )
What a roomy tent!  It even looks out onto a campfire!

Playing cards in the tent.  Free Cell anyone?  Anne's fast!

Here's the lone pine tree, next to the waterfall.  Picturesque camp site--and no neighbors!
Delicious tin foil dinners--perfectly cooked!
The best part--we had enough for leftovers!  Yumm!

S'Mores for dessert.  Can you say, "Carb coma?"

Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, orange juice and hot chocolate.  Perfect mountain breakfast!

Here are the fish in the pool at the base of the waterfall.

What a fun surprise, and an incredible "pick-me-up" after some disappointments this week.  Love you, Anne!  Thank you!

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