Monday, June 15, 2015

Primary Goes to the Zoo

This past weekend, the primary in the Ekounou branch (and several young men and young women) went to the zoo.  They asked us to bring our camera, since the primary president's camera had been loaned to a cousin, and all the leaders' phones' memories were full.  Anne volunteered to bring cookies and punch as well.

We ended up arriving 45 minutes after they did--the president of the country was traveling, so we had to snake our way through town to one of the two or three streets that go under the road they block off when he's out and about.  Everyone else in the city knew those same roads, I guess!

The kids had a great time.  They don't get experiences like that often.  You can see by the way some of them were dressed that this was really a special occasion for them.

When they were loading up, we decided to go back in to see the big crocodile and lions, which we'd missed earlier.  As we finished at the lion cages, it started to rain, so we ducked into the building were the snakes are housed.  It poured for about an hour, so we were there with about 20 others waiting for a break.

When there was a lull in the storm, we made our way up to the entrance--amid cascading water along the pavers and grass.  The wall at the entrance held back a torrent of water.  It was quite the finish to another memorable experience!

They learn early to pose!

Kids in all of the branches love Anne--especially playing with her hair!

Here's the primary president, Danielle.  She isn't much bigger than the older kids!

Getting ready for sandwiches, drinks and cookies!

The Messys.  A strong couple who spent several years in Japan.

Salomon, who drives for several different members.
This clip shows our "company" in the snake house while we waited for the rain to stop.  The kids with the guitar were from a pentacostal church.  

Here's the "after a shower" look!  (Did it ever shower!)

Notice the foggy windows?  That doesn't happen here often!

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